Texas Quality Collision Center

When will my car be ready?

Insurance Appraisal

  • Vehicle Arrives
  • Vehicle is scheduled for insurance estimate
  • Insurance adjuster examines vehicle with estimator
  • Insurance adjuster accepts liability for repairs
  • Insurance adjuster provides estimates for repairs

Disassembly & Additional Parts Ordered

  • Metal technician is scheduled for vehicle disassembly
  • Vehicle is disassembled
  • Any supplemental damage is reported to the insurance company
  • Any supplemental damage is approved by insurance adjuster

Parts Delivery

  • Initial parts order is generated
  • Parts are delivered
  • Metal technician is scheduled

Structural & Mechanical Repairs

  • Structural and body repairs are performed
  • Vehicle is set up on frame machine and body repairs performed
  • Major suspension damage repaired for drive ability if necessary
  • Body panels are replaced or repaired
  • Customer is updated on status of their car

Prime & Paint Prep

  • A paint preparation technician is scheduled for the vehicle
  • Priming, sealing and corrosion protection are applied
  • Repaired panels are washed and chemically treated
  • Vehicle prepped, primed and block sanded
  • Customer is updated on status

Paint & Buff

  • Vehicle is taped, bagged and masked by painter
  • Vehicle undergoes a multi-step refinishing process in paint booth
  • Vehicle paint finish is forced-air baked in booth
  • Vehicle goes to a buff technician to fine finish the painted surfaces
  • Customer is updated on status and responsibility for payment verified

Trim & Final Mechanical Repairs

  • Metal technician scheduled for trim and moldings
  • Trim and moldings are installed
  • Vehicle is rescheduled for any mechanical repairs
  • Any repairs to suspension or alignment are performed
  • Any repairs to air conditioning are performed

Detail, Inspection & Test Drive

  • Vehicle goes to detail shop for wash and clean up
  • Vehicle is inspected
  • Vehicle is test driven if necessary
  • Any problems are corrected and reinspected
  • Customer is notified of delivery date and method of payment confirmed

Repairs Completed

  • Estimator completes paperwork with insurance company
  • Customer provides payment including deductible
  • Customer picks up repaired vehicle


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